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From mowing to detailed landscaping, we offer high-quality services that suit all your garden's needs. So give your yard a fair go, give us a call, and let's talk turf!

Mowing Edging Cleanup

Your lawns will be the talk of the town. Mowing with a push mower or ride-on your lawn's perfection is just the beginning. But what would an immaculate lawn be without pristine edging? That's the bread and butter! Penrith City Turf Care will blow down and clean up any remnants of your sparkling yard.

Green Waste Removal

At Penrith City Turf Care, we pride ourselves on our green thumb. We dispose of all green waste ethically and sustainably, saving you time and the environment trouble.

Herbicide/ Spraying

Penrith City Turf Care hates pesky weeds as much as the next guy. Our herbicide services ensure those undesired plants and weeds remain anywhere but in your garden and lawns.

Pruning, Hedging, Weeding, Landscaping

Elegance lies in the details. Refine your yard with shaped hedges and trees pruned to perfection. We help remove the blemishes of those pesky weeds and can give your garden that classy look with our experienced landscaping services.

Planting, Mulching, General Gardening

You've made it when your garden is the neighbour's dinner discussion. Penrith City Turf Care makes your garden pop with planting, gardening and mulching services. We use locally sourced plants and premium mulch selections to make your garden a legacy.


There's green, and then there's Green! Healthy gardens are happy gardens; keeping them well fed and fertilised is Penrith City Turf Care's number one priority. We hand-pick the perfect fertiliser for each aspect of your garden and ensure your yard's sustained year-round.


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